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Site Navigation Tree Web Part

Site Navigation Tree provides a hierarchical view of SharePoint sites, enabling users to easily navigate between WSS sites.

The Site Navigation Tree web part supports both WSS 2.0/SharePoint 2003, WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010!
  • For 2010 users: there is now a new download WSP for 2010 installation support. Install the WSP in full trust and activate the site collection feature to see the web part in the gallery.
  • New version 1.0.10 was created as a WSP solution package for SharePoint 2013 only. It does not use embedded resources anymore, assembly name and namespace were also changed. For more info or assistance please use the discussion in this site

After you download the .zip file, extract it on your SharePoint server and double-click the .msi file.
Please be noticed: During the installation process the IIS application pools are recycled.
Drag the Site Navigation Tree web part from the SharePoint virtual server gallery into the SharePoint page and configure its toolpart parameters.

That's it - Enjoy!

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Shai Petel, co-founder and VP R&D

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